How To Tell When Your Home Needs Denver Gutter Repair

Monday, 02 March 2020 11:58

The last thing that any homeowner wants to think about is their gutter systems. You might find every excuse to avoid cleaning out your gutters and maintaining them. Even though you might not think twice about your gutters, you cannot doubt their importance. Your gutters play an integral role in maintaining your home’s condition. Sooner or later, your gutter systems will start to fall apart and need professional attention. How can you tell that you’re in need of Denver gutter repair services? We rounded up some of the most common signs of gutter damages to help you know when it’s time to call in the gutter repairmen.

The Consequences Of Faulty Gutters

In order to maintain your home, you need to occasionally inspect your gutters for signs of disrepair. We’d recommend you inspect your property at least 3-4 times a year.

If you ignore the signs of gutter damage, then you put your Denver property at risk. Faulty gutter systems can contribute to plenty of troubling issues that can damage your property and worsen your home’s condition. Failing gutter systems could lead to:

  • Basement and home flooding
  • Structural damages to your roof and attic
  • Damaged siding and rotting wood
  • Landscape and garden damages
  • Water stains/damages on your concrete, siding, and driveway

Common Signs That Your Home Needs Denver Gutter Repair Services

From sectional and seamless gutters to stainless steel and vinyl options, there are plenty of gutter systems out there. That doesn’t mean that any of them are indestructible though. Some gutters may have longer lifespans, but all gutters inevitably fall into disrepair. If you’re unsure whether you need to repair your gutters, just check for these critical signs.

Warped Or Sagging Gutters

Just about any homeowner can spot warped or sagging gutters. Even from a cursory inspection at the ground level, you can easily identify sagging gutter systems. It is one of the most obvious signs of gutter damages that you can spot and it’s also one of the most serious signs too.

Your gutters should never sag. Period. Your gutter systems should always stay connected to your home and they should never sag or warp. If your gutters are sagging, it could indicate that that the area is full of standing water and/or debris. This might be the result of other gutter problems elsewhere. Warping gutters are often due to shoddy craftsmanship or poor installation.

Sagging and/or warping gutters will only get worse if they go untreated. Sagging gutter systems will continue to sag and this issue can even expand to other areas. Warped gutter systems will just continue to become increasingly distant from your home. Either way, warping and sagging gutters will become increasingly ineffective and dangerous. It’s best to address these problems now by seeking out gutter repairs in Denver.

Gutter Cracks

A few times a year, you should grab your ladder and perform a thorough inspection of your gutter systems. During these periodic check-ins, take the time to look for any kinds of cracks or splits in your gutters. When you spot a crack or split, it doesn’t matter whether it is large or small. Every single crack in your gutters needs to be repaired as soon as possible.

Denver receives an average of 16 inches of rainfall and 55 inches of snow every year! That is an impressive amount of precipitation throughout a given year. All that draining water from Colorado storms will only make those gutter cracks worse. Bigger cracks will inevitably cause damages to your fascia boards, which will require future roof repairs.

It’s best to treat those cracks now with professional Denver gutter repair services. That professional intervention will help you avoid the consequences of bad gutters and keep your home in great condition.

Water Pools Near Your Foundation

Your gutters are designed to do one thing and one thing alone: Divert water away from your home in a safe and efficient manner. If you notice water pooling in areas around your home, then your gutters are not working effectively.

Water pools surrounding your property could have a number of causes. Clogged waterways, defective gutters, and improper gutter installation are a few of the most common causes. Whatever the root problem is, you need to get your gutter problems treated quickly!

Standing water can quickly inflict serious damage on your home’s foundation. As a homeowner, you already know how terrible foundation damages can be for your home. A damaged foundation can have ripple effects on your entire house, which will only lead to further home repairs. You might end up having to spend tens of thousands of dollars on your foundation repairs (and your other repairs too).

All of those foundational problems can be avoided when you seek out Denver gutter repair services. You need to treat the root cause of the problem now so you don’t have to address the symptoms later.

Peeling Paint Near Your Gutters

The exterior paint on your home is specifically designed to withstand the Colorado elements. Trust us, we know that your paint is durable because we provide exterior paint services as well. Your exterior paint may be tough and resistant, but it won’t last forever.

Sooner or later, your paint will start to peel, especially in the areas that surround your gutter systems. In some cases, you could even spot orange flakes in your gutter systems. Those flakes are often clear indicators that your gutters are rusting. If you notice these signs, then it’s time to seek professional intervention for your gutters.

Improve Your Home With High-Quality Denver Gutter Repair

Have you noticed these signs of gutter damages on your property? Then it’s time to treat the root cause of the problems with the best gutter repair in Denver. At Michaels & Marc, our contracting staff have been restoring and improving homes through the Denver metro area. We can easily pinpoint the problems that are impacting your gutter systems and appropriately address them in a timely manner. With our professional support, your gutters will be restored to their full functionality in no time!

Contact Michaels & Marc today and we’ll restore your gutter systems with our exceptional Denver gutter repair services.