How To Tell You’ve Found A High-Quality Lone Tree Roofer

Thursday, 11 June 2020 10:43

While it may feel like a permanent fixture on your property, your roof won’t last forever. Between the snowy winters and summer hailstorms, homes in Lone Tree see their fair share of inclement weather. Your roof will inevitably be in need of some repairs that only a quality roofer can provide. It may seem simple, but finding a high-quality Lone Tree roofer can be more difficult than you may initially think. There are many roofing options in Lone Tree and they can all range in terms of quality, professionalism, craftsmanship, and more.

To assist your roofing search, we developed a list of the most common signs and traits of exceptional roofers. As you begin to research various roofers in your area, keep these critical signs in mind. They could make all the difference between a smooth roofing experience and a frustrating one.

Customer Service Is A Top Priority

The contractor-homeowner relationship has never been easy to navigate. Many homeowners can feel hesitant to trust and work with contractors due to prior negative contractor experiences. In fact, 28% of homeowners spend more than 10 hours researching contractors on their own before contacting them. This lack of consumer trust is exactly why customer service is so important during your roofer search.

As a client, you deserve to feel happy and satisfied throughout your entire roofing experience. You should be able to trust the competency of your contractor and feel at ease around them. What exactly might exceptional customer service look like? A high-quality Lone Tree roofer will:

  • Deliver your roofing project on time and on budget.
  • Maintain an open and friendly dialogue with you throughout your project.
  • Provide expert recommendations and product suggestions.
  • Professionally address all of your questions and concerns before, during, and after your project.

The best roofers in your area will prioritize your needs as a customer and work diligently to excel past your expectations. You can initially gauge the customer service of a given roofer through customer reviews on sites like the BBB and Google. Those online testimonials can also provide indications into the quality of a roofing company’s work. If you need even clearer insights into a company’s customer service, a brief phone call can help clarify the picture.

Client-Oriented Guiding Values

The foundational values of any organization can offer a glimpse into how they operate on a daily basis. Those values function as the compass that guides employee actions and decisions within the company. If you want to leverage the services of a high-quality roofer, then you must examine their company values with a fine-tooth comb. Those principles can provide insight into the kind of quality that you can expect from that roofing company.

At Michaels & Marc, for instance, our roofers have been guided by a set of foundational values since 2012. At our roofing company, we prioritize:

  • Client Education - We strive to keep clients informed with cut-and-dry facts. Our roofers will always offer thorough answers for any client questions or concerns.
  • Building Relationships - We are focused on forming and nurturing relationships with our clients. This way, you’ll always have a friendly shoulder to lean on in the contracting world.
  • Community Involvement - Our roofers owe a great deal to the local communities of Colorado. We give back to those communities whenever possible. We even donate a portion of our proceeds from each contracting project to local charities and nonprofits.

These values help us deliver an exceptional experience for our customers with every project. You have plenty of contractors in Lone Tree to choose from for your roofing project. Just make sure their company principles and values are oriented towards you and your experience.

Services Beyond Roofing

Your roof isn’t the only part of your home that won’t last forever. Sooner or later, other elements of your property could begin to fall into disrepair. When those issues arise, you may need to restart your search for a contractor in your area. You can save yourself time in the future by finding a roofer that can offer numerous contracting services. At Michaels & Marc, for instance, we specialize in roofing and we additionally offer:

Don’t just work with the Lone Tree roofing contractor who only specializes in one service! A roofer with numerous additional specialties can offer plenty of benefits for you later down the road.

Leverage The Skills Of An Exceptional Lone Tree Roofer

Is the roof of your home in need of professional repairs? Our expert roofers at Michaels & Marc are up for the challenge. Our daily operations are guided by strong principles and we aim to deliver unparalleled craftsmanship with each project. We will treat you with respect and dignity, and do whatever we can to make your experience truly terrific.

Contact Michaels & Marc today to set up your free roofing inspection with an outstanding Lone Tree roofer.