Having a partner for roof repairs, replacements, and storm damage restoration in the Aurora area isn’t just a luxury, it’s a necessity. When hail hits, you want to have a trusted service provider that you can call on to help you navigate the next steps. Whether you want an inspection to give you peace of mind or your property has been severely damaged by a recent storm, call on the roofing experts at Michaels & Marc. As local, full-service roofers, we specialize in everything from complex and comprehensive roof replacements to even the simplest roof repair in Aurora.

Identifying The Need For Roofers

From general wear and tear over time to storm damage from the frequent Colorado hail, there’s plenty of reasons you want to have a roofer you trust in your back pocket. Here’s a few signs you may need to make that call:

  • Peeling, cracked, or missing shingles
  • Sand-like granules around your property or in your gutters
  • Structural damage around chimneys or vents
  • Water damage to ceilings or walls
  • High energy bills

If you’re noticing that your home is not in the working order it should be, you’ll definitely want to call local roof repair experts in Aurora to come take a look.

Working With Michaels & Marc For Roof Repairs

When you call the team at Michaels & Marc to come look at your roof, we’ll perform a complete inspection of your roof and the rest of your property to identify any areas that have been damaged overtime or due to a storm that’s come through.

Then, we’ll walk you through everything we’ve found and what the repair or replacement process will look like. If the damage is the result of a storm, we’ll also walk you through the insurance claims process so you know exactly what to expect at each and every turn.

From there, we’ll introduce you to the rest of our team and set to work. You can expect the highest quality craftsmanship and exceptional customer service from our contractors when you hire us to take care of your roof repair in Aurora.

More Than Just Roof Repair In Aurora

We’re more than just roofing contractors, though. This is a great advantage to Aurora homeowners because you’ll be able to rest easy knowing every element of your property has been carefully assessed by our team. In addition to roof repairs and replacements, we also specialize in repairs and replacements for:

  • Gutter systems
  • Siding
  • Exterior paint
  • And windows

No matter what area of your home needs attention from our contractors, we have the experience and expertise to resolve issues in a timely and highly-skilled manner.

The Benefits Of A Local Contractor

Especially during hail season, it’s common to see national roof repair companies descend on Aurora. This is all well and good until you need support from your roofing company later down the line. That’s among the biggest reason to hire a local roofing specialist, but there are many more.


Local companies depend on their reputation. You can expect the highest quality craftsmanship, access to the best materials, and unparalleled customer service when you work with Michaels & Marc. Better yet, you don’t need to scour the internet to confirm our claims of excellence. Simply walk around the block to see the exceptional roof repairs we’ve performed for your neighbors.


You can’t really schedule the need for a roof repair in Aurora. Damage often comes without warning. By working with a local contractor, we are not only prepared for emergency repairs but are also close by when you need us.

Local Expertise

The benefits of working with local roofers extend far beyond the initial scope of work. We’ve spent many years performing roof repairs in Aurora, so we’re familiar with what the nature of central Colorado dictates when it comes to keeping your home protected. A national roofer from an area that’s rarely affected by hail won’t be able to offer the same protection we can.

Your Partner For Roof Repair In Aurora

When it comes to your house, you only want the best. Contact the roofing experts who treat you like their neighbors because that’s what you are. Michaels & Marc is proud to provide the highest-quality roof repair services in Aurora for homeowners just like you.

If you’re in need of a roof repair or other services, give us a call to schedule a FREE inspection.