Colorado is adored for a number of reasons, from endless sunshine to unbeatable mountain views. The tens of thousands of people flocking to Thornton and the surrounding areas for these things and despite the frequent hail storms that wreak havoc on the properties around town. If you’ve moved to an area despite regular inclement weather, you know how important it will be to have the right connections to help you take care of your property when hail does come through. Being that partner for homeowners is precisely what makes Michaels & Marc the most trusted roof replacement contractors in Thornton.

When You Need To Hire A Roofing Contractor

From a major storm to general wear and tear, there are plenty of circumstances that warrant the trained eye of professional roof replacement contractors in Thornton, if not for the fact that another hail storm is right around the corner. However, we understand that homeowners might be a little apprehensive to call a contractor if they aren’t sure whether or not there is damage because they don’t want to get sold into a costly service they don’t actually need. Unfortunately, not all roof replacement contractors are created equal, but fortunately for you, Michaels & Marc is different than most.

Education is at the forefront of what we do at Michaels & Marc. We pride ourselves on giving our clients and potential clients all the information they need to make an informed decision that’s in the best interest of their property and their family. The first step in doing this is making sure homeowners know when they need to contact a trusted roof replacement contractor in Thornton in the first place. Here’s a few signs that your roof has been compromised by any kind of damage:

  • Peeling or cracked shingles
  • Missing shingles
  • Granules shedding into your gutters
  • Interior or exterior water damage
  • Damage around protrusions like your chimney
  • Increasing energy bills

If you’re noticing any of these things, you’ll want to call a roofing contractor you trust to perform an inspection and identify any damage that leaves your property vulnerable. The sooner you catch damage and get it repaired, the more controlled the costs will be.

Insurance Support From Roof Replacement Contractors In Thornton

Michaels & Marc provides full-service roof repairs and roof replacements in Thornton, Colorado. We start with a thorough inspection that helps us identify any and all damage that has affected your property. We’ll walk you through our findings and discuss what the next steps are. Before we get started on the repairs or replacement project, we’ll introduce you to all of our contractors so that you know exactly who is working in and around your property.

If the damage to your roof is the result of a storm, you’ll be filing a hail damage insurance claim to get the repair costs covered by your policy. This is a major undertaking for any homeowner, especially when you’re already dealing with the damage and repairs. That’s why we’ve built an in-house insurance department who is responsible for helping you navigate the claims process successfully.

More Than Just Roof Repairs And Replacements

While Michaels & Marc has become a household name for roof replacement in Thornton over the years, our breadth of services spans so much wider than that. In addition to a full suite of roofing services, we also provide:

  • Gutter Repair and Replacement
  • Siding Installation and Repair
  • Exterior Painting Services
  • Window Repair Services

When it comes to the exterior of your home, it’s important to look at the property as a whole. Hail damage is not exclusive not your roof, so you want to work with roof replacement contractors who can identify any kind of damage that affects your home.

Why Hire A Roof Replacement Contractor From Thornton

In an area that is prone to hail damage, we see a phenomenon called “storm chasing” very frequently. This refers to national roofing contractors who travel around the country following storms and providing their services. These contractors are perfectly qualified but there are some disadvantages to homeowners in Thornton who elect to use these roofers instead of a local company.

We’re Available

The beauty of a roof replacement contractor from Thornton is that they are, in fact, from Thornton. When your property needs attention - whether immediately following a storm or later down the road - you want a contractor who can be available to you in your time of need. A national company who makes their living chasing storms won’t be where you are unless there’s also a storm where you are.

We Care

Part of what has made Michaels & Marc the trusted roof replacement contractors of Thornton, Colorado is our commitment to our clients. We will treat you like our neighbors because, in many cases, you are. We live and work in the same community you do, so we have a connection to you and the upkeep of your property that the national companies don’t.

We’re Honest

As local roof replacement contractors in Thornton, our business lives and dies on the word of our customers. Because of this, we are more than committed to providing the highest-quality work with the most transparency of any roofers in the industry.

Your Choice For Roof Replacement Contractors In Thornton

You may need a roofer after a major storm damages your roofing structure or the exterior of your home. You may need a roofer because it’s been ages since anyone has performed an inspection or done any work. You may need a roofer because you’re getting ready to sell and you want to boost the value of your home for a competitive market like Thornton. No matter the reason, you want a roofer you can trust. Michaels & Marc is the team to call.

When you’re looking for roof replacement contractors in Thornton, look no further than Michaels & Marc restoration. Contact us today to schedule a free inspection.