Any Colorado resident can tell you that hail is no joke in this area. We’ve earned the all-to-accurate nickname of Hail Alley due to the high altitude and cooler temperature that transform your typical rainstorm into a wild hail storm. That means that as a responsible homeowner, you need a roofer on call because it’s not a matter of if hail will hit, but when. As leading roofers in Monument, CO, we know the feelings of stress and panic homeowners fee when they have roof damage. We strive to alleviate all of that with high-quality craftsmanship and the best customer service in the business.

When Should You Call Roofers In Monument?

Whether it’s hail that’s affected your roof or simply the test of time that’s leaving your property vulnerable, the signs of damage remain pretty consistent. You want to keep your eyes peeled for:

  • Shingle granules in your gutters
  • Shingles that are missing entirely
  • Curling or cracking of shingles
  • Sagging roof decks
  • Interior stains and/or watermarks on your ceilings or walls
  • Wear and tear around roof objects and openings
  • High energy bills

These are all signs that the structural integrity of your home has been affected, no matter the cause, so you’ll want to get quality roofers in Monument, CO out to your property ASAP.

Roof Repairs With Michaels & Marc

Our business is built on a few key principles: quality work, unparalleled customer service, and honest communication. These values are what make us the best roofers in Monument, CO.

We follow a very thorough protocol for each project we work on. We start with a comprehensive inspection of your property so we can identify all the damage that could put your home at risk. Our team will get up on top of your roof, as well as in the attic to ensure that nothing gets overlooked. Then, we’ll set to work getting your home back in working order.

We are passionate about our relationship with our clients. That’s why you’ll meet first-hand every Monument roofer that works on your property. You never have to come home to a house full of strangers with Michaels & Marc at the helm.

Moreover, we value our clients’ time and energy. We don’t want you to have to focus on extraneous details that add to your stress. That’s why we’ve developed an in-house insurance department designed specifically for hail damage claims. They’ll be your go-to resource throughout the claims process to help you keep your boxes checked.

More Than Just Roofers In Monument, CO

Taking care of your roof is only one part of responsible homeownership. There are many components to the exterior of your home, all of which require special attention from professionals at some point or another. Here’s a few other areas of expertise Michaels & Marc can provide:

  • Gutter Repair and Replacement
  • Siding Installation and Repair
  • Exterior Painting Services
  • Window Repair Services

When one component of your home is damaged, it leaves the rest vulnerable. You don’t want to let wear and tear or storm damage go unattended for long.

The Benefits Of Hiring Local Roofers

When looking for roofers in Monument, CO, you have your options. It’s important to make the right choice because you’ll likely be calling them more than once over time. Hiring local roofers can have many benefits for a homeowner. Let’s share some of the perks.


Timeliness is an important part of a roof repair. You must get a roofer out to your property as soon as you notice signs of damage. A local roofer who has roots in your hometown will be much easier to access than anyone else. That availability is not only beneficial in a pinch, but it’s also valuable down the road should you need more repairs or want to have any other type of exterior work done.


Taking care of your home and family takes a village. You want roofers in Monument, CO who take the same approach to home protection. Being local allows us to establish connections with vendors and other service providers in the area. We can pass the benefits of those relationships on to you.


A small company lives and dies by its reputation. While success is important to any business owner, the need to maintain a reputation for quality in order to survive is highly beneficial to any client. When you’re working with a national company, it’s easy to get swept up in the chaos. When you hire roofers who are local to Monument, Colorado, you have 100% of our attention throughout the entire project.

Work With The Best Roofers In Monument, CO

Michaels & Marc is proud to offer roofing services across the central Colorado area. We value quality, transparency, and an exceptional customer experience and it shows.

When you need the expertise of roofers in Monument, CO, contact the pros at Michaels & Marc.