Michaels & Marc works with countless homeowners who’ve been affected by storm damage and have to navigate the process of filing an insurance claim every year. We know how stressful and overwhelming this can be for our clients, so we’ve done something that’s unprecedented in the roofing industry. In addition to a team of experienced and qualified roofers, we have an internal insurance department that specializes in making the process of filing insurance claims for hail damage to the roof consistent, accurate, and, most importantly, easy.

When you work with Michaels & Marc on a storm damage claim, you’re backed by our entire insurance department through every single step. Let’s review the process of filing an insurance claim for hail damage.

1. The Basics

There are a few necessary steps in every roofing project, whether there is an insurance component or not. After a storm hits, our team will come out and perform a thorough inspection. We’ll communicate any damage we’ve identified with you and your insurance adjust to ensure that the entire scope of work is included in the claim. We’ll then pass all the information along to our insurance department.

2. Preparation

Here, our hail damage insurance claims specialists will begin putting together all the necessary paperwork to file a claim. This includes the contract, the paperwork detailing your insurance policy, photos of the property and all identified damage, and formal estimates for supplements and labor.

When filing an insurance claim for damage to the roof, it’s essential that the information is accurate down to the cent. Our insurance specialists will confirm that the estimated pricing is correct, that the additional sales tax is correct, and any other details that may lead to conflict down the road. Additionally, they will cross check the proposed scope of work with the photos and documentation to make sure everything is accounted for.

Another important element that our insurance department takes care of includes verifying current building codes to ensure that the proposed scope of work meets all city requirements. All of this information will be updated in our database so it can be easily accessed if and when it’s needed throughout the process of filing an insurance claim for hail damage to your roof.

3. Negotiation

We’ll not only submit all the necessary documents and diligently follow up with the insurance company, but we’ll also take care of all the negotiations that may be needed to account for the full scope of loss, as well as pricing of materials, overhead, profit, taxes, and code upgrades.

You don’t have to worry about having someone in your court when you work with Michaels & Marc to file an insurance claim for hail damage to your roof.

4. Work In Progress

Once we’ve finalized the negotiations and begun the repairs, we sometimes find ourselves needing additional money and/or labor. In the event of hail damage, it’s always possible, if not likely, that we’ll come across additional damages that will require our attention. We’ll put together a formal estimate and send that to the insurance company on your behalf.

5. Depreciation

Upon completion of the project, we’ll verify:

  • The number of trades used to complete the job that were eligible for overhead and profit
  • That all permits have been scanned into the system
  • That all work orders have been closed out and the production is, in fact, complete
  • Approval of all supplements

Then, we’ll send over a certificate to the insurance company to release any depreciation, PWI, permit fees and any overhead and profit. If needed, we’ll take care of negotiations for overhead and profit.

6. Completion

With that, you’ve completed the process of filing an insurance claim for hail damage to the roof - and you hardly had to lift a finger! We’ll determine when the final check release date is and take care of any extraneous requests and negotiations.

Filing An Insurance Claim For Hail Damage To The Roof Made Easy

Working with Michaels & Marc takes the stress out of filing an insurance claim for hail damage. We know there’s a lot to undertake to successfully navigate the claims process and we want to take that burden off your shoulders.

If you’ve experienced hail damage and need a roofing contractor to help you repair your property while also guiding you through the insurance claims process, you’ve found the right team. Let us help you file an insurance claim for hail damage and get your repairs taken care of quickly and conveniently.