Trust is the number one thing you want from roofing contractors in Denver. How much time do you spend working on the exterior of your home? For the average homeowner, the answer is “not much.” So, when storm damage or general wear and tear causes you to need repairs, you want a roofing contractor who knows exactly what they are doing and won’t jerk you around to get it done. This type of to-the-point customer service is at the center of our business model at Michaels & Marc. We support a straightforward and simple customer experience with exceptional craftsmanship and expansive expertise. You won’t find better roofing contractors in Denver, but we offer so much more than just that.

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Roof Repairs

In an area like Denver, roof repairs are common. You likely won’t make it through a hail season as a homeowner without needing a contractor to come take a look at your roof. The frequency of hail storms that cause roof damage has led to an abundance of roofing contractors in the Denver area. They are not all created equal, though. Finding a contractor you can trust to take care of your roof repairs throughout the duration of your home ownership is absolutely essential. It’s a phone call you’ll likely be making more than once, so you want to be making it to the right company. Learn more about our roof repair services and what makes Michaels & Marc the preferred roofing contractor of homeowners just like you.

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Roof Replacement

Sometimes, a repair simply won’t do. However, that’s not always the case. It’s important to understand the distinctions between the type of damage that a repair can resolve and the type of damage that truly warrants a complete roof replacement. If you aren’t familiar with that distinction, don’t rest until you find a roofing contractor who is willing and able to explain it to you. Replacing a roof is a hefty financial undertaking, so you want to not only ensure you actually need to replace your roof when directed but that you also get it done right the first time. You can ensure a positive roof replacement experience when you work with the most trusted roofing contractors in Denver.

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Hail Damage Repairs

Hail is a frequent and serious threat in the Denver area. It's something every homeowner has to be prepared for because the damage it can cause to your property can be severe. When a storm rolls through, the first thing you'll want to do is get a Denver roofing contractor out to your property to perform a comprehensive inspection. Michaels & Marc is dedicated to helping homeowners through this trying process by identifying damage, supporting the insurance claims process, and completing the necessary repairs in a timely manner.

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Gutter Repairs

The gutter system is an often neglected functional element in a home. Many homeowners don’t know what an important role it plays in keeping your house in working order. Your gutters are responsible for directing water away from your property. Whether time or a storm has led to damage to your gutters, it needs to be addressed right away. Otherwise, you could find yourself spending a lot more money down the road addressing the structural damage the standing water has done to your property. A reputable Denver roofing contractor will be able to assess any damage to your gutters and recommend an effective course of action.

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Structurally, siding offers an extra layer of protection from the elements. It’s also a feature than can significantly improve the value of your home. As leading roofing contractors in Denver, the team at Michaels & Marc understand that protecting and maintaining a beautiful home requires homeowners pay attention to much more than just the roof. We specialize in a wide variety of different siding options so that you can keep your property safe, while also crafting the aesthetic you want for your home.

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Exterior Paint

Many homeowners are quick to write off exterior paint as a cosmetic addition. What most don’t realize, though, are the functional benefits high-quality exterior paint can add to a property. It can help prevent damage from the elements and pests, as well as significantly enhancing the lifespan of your stucco or siding.

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Whether you need an inspection after a major storm or you want to overhaul the exterior of your home with new siding or windows, you need a trusted roofing contractor to help you navigate the process. Michaels & Marc is proud to offer the support and expertise homeowners need to keep their homes in the best shape.

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