Your roof is the thing that stands between you and whatever the Denver elements may throw at you. In an area known for frequent and intense hail storms, the need for roof repairs comes along much more often than the average homeowner may think. In the height of hail season, you need storm damage to be addressed immediately because you never know when the next one might roll through. While time is of the essence, a quick fix simply wont do. When you need a roof repair in Denver, you need it done right. Let’s discuss how to know when you may need a roof repair and who to call when you do.

How To Know If You Need A Roof Repair

Determining whether or not you need a contractor to come perform a roof repair can be challenging because the average homeowner doesn’t spend a whole lot of time on the roof. There are a couple of signs you’ll want to look for to help your recognize the need for a roof repair in Denver, including:

  • Peeling, cracked, or missing shingles
  • Shedding granules from the shingles
  • Structural damage around protrusions (like chimneys) or vents
  • Interior damage to ceilings or walls
  • High energy bills

Among other signs, these are the most common indicators that a roof repair might be in order. Additionally, you may want to consider talking to a contractor if your other property, such as cars, have been damaged by a hail storm or if your neighbors are getting a repair or replacement.

So, Your Roof Needs Repaired. Now What?

It’s human nature to panic when your biggest asset has been damaged or isn’t in proper working order. At Michaels & Marc, we deal with roof damage every single day, so we know exactly what you’re feeling. We also know that you can rest easy when you put your home in our hands. Once you’ve identified that you have damage to the roof - or even if you think you might have damage - you’ll want to contact a roofing company you trust to perform an inspection.

When a reliable roofing company is performing an inspection to determine if you need a roof repair in Denver, you can expect them to not only get up on your roof to take a look, but also want to get into your attic and upper level floors to see how extensive the damage might be and start forming a plan of action.

After the inspection is completed, our team will help guide you through the next steps. If the damage is related to a storm, you’ll need to take care of a few additional items to file a hail damage insurance claim for your property. If the roof repairs that are needed are the result of age and general wear, you can get started right away.

Get Your Denver Roof Repair Done Right

We’ve made our name on high-quality craftsmanship, transparent customer service, and a stress-free roof repair experience for each and every client. If our inspection yields a repair, you can trust that the work will be executed at the highest standard, meeting all city code requirements and using only the best quality materials. This ensures a lasting product that will keep your property and your family protected.

When you need a roof repair in Denver, you simply need to call Michaels & Marc. Eliminate stress by knowing not only what needs to be done, but also that you have the right team in place to do it.